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How to choose hosting for WordPress?

September 2, 2019 | Servers | No Comments

When you’re looking for a hosting plan that will play nice with WordPress, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with a deluge of technical details, features and packages on offer. You should narrow down your choices to shared plans (for smaller sites), VPS (medium-size) and VDS (large-size). After you’ve done that, you can proceeds to compare the specific WP-optimized offers from providers.

What to look into when comparing WP-specific offers

First, you should remember that you’ll need to interact with the host’s support team throughout your journey to make it big with your WordPress site. So, it’s paramount to go off with the provider whose employees are diligent, tactful and professional in their communications.

Second, if you’re just starting out, you should pick a managed plan. Even though WordPress is easy, there’s a still a large number of server-side questions that you wouldn’t want to deal with at the start of your career here.

Third, make sure that the provider has a nice number of sublevels in a segment you’ve picked. This will enable a smooth upgrading process as your site scales.

If you are looking for a perfect hosting plan that will help propel your online store, you should pick a VPS package since it’s much more flexible and robust as compared to shared plans. Let’s look into the details you should consider when picking a specific VPS package.

Important factors to review

First, it’s important to see that the hosting provider is willing to deliver high-quality customer support. Talk to the support team in the live chat and understand how diligent and professional they are in communications with website owners.

Second, you should enquire about the actual server machines being used by a host since the types of equipment, although rarely discussed, has a significant impact on the quality of service.

Third, favor VPS plans that include a large number of sublevels, tied to specific values of technical indicators. In this way, you’ll be able to seamlessly upgrade as your traffic and needs grow with time.

VPS plans are the best choice for ecommerce sites, and they’ll help you prepare the foundation for a subsequent migration to a VDS plan.

A site that already boasts high traffic flows would be best fit by a VPS plan. With such a package, customers will win from seamless scalability and heightened security. Let’s look into the specific details you should consider when picking a VPS plan for your website.

Factors of importance

First, you need to make sure that the provider offers a sufficient number of sublevels within the VPS segment, so that you can seamlessly upgrade through them as your site continues to grow.

Second, find out about the actual server machines operated by the host because this factor, though rarely reviewed, plays a key role in hosting performance.

Third, reach out to the support team in the live chat in order to see how diligently and professionally they deal with your enquiries. Even if you are well versed into the server-side operations, you’ll still need to interact with support specialists on a wide range of questions you might face.

Since you might want to migrate from VPS to VDS subsequently, it makes sense to learn about such offerings from this provider in advance.