How to choose hosting for Magento?

September 2, 2019 | Marketing | No Comments

Magento is a very convenient online store ecosystem that enables you to make it big in the world of ecommerce without much hassle. But, if you pick a random hosting plan, you might be in for lots of problems with performance and usability at your site. There might be slow-downs in page load, all kinds of errors when dealing with products and even inability to products to the cart.

Here’s a number of things that are critical to consider when picking a plan and that mitigate all these problems at once.

Factors to review

First, make sure that the hosting provider has a specialized Magento plan and don’t settle down with anything else.

Second, reach to the support team in the live chat and see for yourself whether they’re good at helping customers or not.

Third, pick a plan that enables good loading speeds at your Magento store. Make sure that the requests are being processed concurrently and check the uptime statistics for the host.

Fourth, pick a hosting provider who is strong in both VPS and VDS because you will need to migrate your Magento-powered from VPS to VDS at some point in your online journey.

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