How to choose hosting for Python?

September 2, 2019 | Marketing | No Comments

Python is a formidable programming language that enables to create powerful and speedy web applications of high complexity. Whenever you’re searching for a hosting plan that will perfectly suit your web app, you need to do some careful vetting. Otherwise, you’ll start facing lots of problems and might ultimately want to migrate to another web host.

Things to look into

First, you need to make sure that the package enables shell access and the Apache server configuration plays nice with CGI and mod_wsgl.

Second, take your crystal ball and figure out what frameworks you’re going to use (Django or Flask) because not all hosting packages support both.

Third, assure that the offering supports the Python version that you use. Because, otherwise, it’ll hard on you.

And don’t forget that the quality of support delivered by providers plays a key role. Whenever you face your first big challenge, it’s the support team you’re going to turn to. So, talking to humans before tying the knot makes sense.

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